zero calorie sauces

6 March 2022

Zero calorie sauces is a condiment company that sells a variety of sauces in the United States and Japan. The company was founded by Peter Feltman, but has since been acquired by the Campbell Soup Company.

Eating healthy isn't easy. Especially when you're in the mood for a tasty meal. Instead of just eating a salad every night, why not add some flavor to your food with these zero calorie sauces? They are delicious and easy to make!

Zero Calorie Sauces

1. Lemon Pepper Sauce

2. Chipotle Lime Sauce

3. Honey Mustard Sauce

4. Tangy BBQ Sauce

5. Creamy Garlic Sauce

If you love to cook, eat and drink, but are watching your waistline, then you're going to want to know about the versatile and delicious sauces that are absolutely zero calories.

The sauces below all contain zero calories per one tablespoon serving, and they add great flavor to fish, poultry, meat and vegetables.

Calorie-free sauces include:

Lemon juice

Cider Vinegar

White wine vinegar

Red wine vinegar

Balsamic vinegar

Hot Sauce (Tabasco brand)

Ketchup (Heinz brand)

According to the FDA, calorie-free food is considered to have less than 5 calories per serving. That's a pretty good deal if you ask me! If a food has less than 5 calories per serving, it can be labeled as “zero” or “no” calories.

But there is something you should consider before adding these sauces to your daily diet: It's often not just the sauce that you're consuming when you dine at a restaurant. It's usually the entire meal.

In other words, the nutritional information is often calculated for the entire dish, not just the sauce or dressing.

Benefits of Zero Calorie Sauces

In an ideal world, you would like to enjoy your food without having to worry about how many calories you are consuming. But of course, that is not the case. Most foods contain quite a high number of calories. If you are serious about controlling your weight, you need to make sure that you keep track of what and how much goes into your mouth.

Many people tend to forget that even sauces can have many calories in them. Some sauces may contain as much as 100 calories for every tablespoon that you consume! That is a lot considering sauces are often used to add flavor to otherwise bland food (such as steamed vegetables or boiled chicken breast).

Here are more benefits of adding zero-calorie sauces to your diet:

1. They provide flavor without adding calories. When you are dieting, it is important to keep track of what you are consuming. Many condiments and sauces contain added sugar or fat, which adds unnecessary calories to your meal. Zero-calorie sauces allow you to enjoy all of the flavor with none of the guilt!

2. They help increase the nutrient density of your diet. Adding a condiment like sriracha sauce or hot sauce to a meal can reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure and improve digestion. The key is to read the labels carefully and look for zero-calorie options that are low in sodium and contain other nutrients like fiber or protein for extra health benefits (like our Low Sodium BBQ Sauce).

3. They help satisfy cravings without overindulging. For example, if you have a sweet tooth but want to avoid candy, try using zero-calorie chocolate syrup on some fresh fruit instead!

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