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tumaro’s low in carb wraps

10 May 2022

Tumaro's Low in Carb Wraps are made with coconut flour and are available in two flavors: Chili Lime and Savory Herb. These wraps are the perfect alternative to traditional flour tortillas, and they're packed with fiber and protein.

Tumaro's low-carb wraps are gluten-free, paleo-friendly and contain no refined sugars. They're also high in dietary fiber and protein, making them a great choice for anyone watching their carbohydrates or following a low-carb diet.

Made with coconut flour, these gluten-free tortillas are soft and delicious with a mildly sweet flavor that makes them ideal for breakfast burritos or lunch wraps. They're also great as an alternative to bread for people who need to follow a grain-free diet or who want to keep their carb intake at bay.

Each serving of Tumaro's low-carb wrap contains just 25 calories, 1 gram of fat (0 saturated fat) and 7 grams of protein. They're also high in dietary fiber and contain no cholesterol or sodium — making them a good source of heart healthy nutrients like magnesium, calcium and iron.

TUMARO'S Low-Carb Wraps are an easy way to enjoy your favorite foods without sacrificing taste or quality.

They're made with only the highest-quality ingredients, including coconut flour, flax seed meal and egg whites. And they're free from gluten and dairy.

Each wrap contains just 120 calories and 8 grams of net carbs. That's less than half the carbs of a regular tortilla!

TUMARO'S Low-Carb Wraps are available in 3 different varieties:

Original - A versatile wrap that can be used for everything from burritos to breakfast wraps. It has a mild flavor that goes well with any filling you choose.

Protein - This wrap contains 10 grams of protein per serving so it's perfect for those who want an extra boost of protein with their mealtime snack or meal replacement. It's also great for low carb dieters who are looking for a little more protein in their diet without having to eat meat every day (or week!).

Cheese - This is our most popular flavor! It's made with real cheese so it has a delicious cheesy flavor that makes anything taste better...even veggies!

Tumaro's low in carb wraps offer a variety of health benefits:

These low carb tortillas have just 2 net carbs per wrap. That means you can enjoy a delicious wrap with only 6 grams of net carbs per serving!

Low in Carbs & Sugar - These gluten-free wraps have only 5 net carbs per serving, which makes them ideal for anyone following a low-carb diet or looking to reduce their sugar intake.

Whole Grain Ingredients - Our wraps are made with whole grain brown rice flour and non-GMO seeds, which provide essential nutrients like fiber and protein that keep you full longer.

Gluten Free & Vegan - These low carb tortillas are perfect for people with food allergies or sensitivities because they're free from grains and animal products.

1. Low-carb, high-protein wrap.

2. High fiber, low carb, and gluten free!

3. No artificial ingredients or preservatives!

4. A source of protein and fiber to help keep you satisfied.*

5. All natural ingredients — taste the difference!

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