tumaro low carb wraps

18 March 2022

Tumaro's Low Carb Wraps are a healthy alternative to traditionally higher-carb and calorie-laden sandwich breads. Enjoy your favorite sandwich fillings without all the carbs! Perfect for a low carb lifestyle and those watching their weight.

Looking for a healthy alternative to tortillas and sandwich bread? Tumaro's Low Carb Wraps are a great solution for anyone watching their weight or limiting their carb intake. They're also great for people with diabetes, since they don't cause sudden spikes in blood sugar. And they're delicious!

Tumaro's Low Carb Wraps are made from whole wheat, so they have the same heartiness as regular whole wheat wraps. They have no cholesterol and very little fat, but they have a lot of fiber and protein. Fiber helps keep you fuller longer after eating a meal, so these wraps will help you feel satisfied for hours afterward. Protein is essential for repairing the body after workouts or injuries and helps with focus when you need to study or work hard. So whether you're studying for a test or pumping iron at the gym, these wraps will help you build muscle while keeping you focused on what you need to do.

Tumaro's Low-in-Carb Wraps are a healthy alternative to traditionally higher-carb and calorie-laden sandwich breads. Just like our other great-tasting products, these wraps are diabetic-friendly, low in fat and an excellent source of fiber.

As a general rule, we recommend filling your wrap with at least twice as many veggies as you do proteins or cheeses. And the more colorful those veggies are, the better! Add some lean protein like chicken or turkey breast and you have yourself a complete meal that can be ready in minutes.

With only 2g net carbs (1g net carbs = 7g total carbs - 5g fiber - 0g sugar alcohol), our wraps can easily fit into any low carb lifestyle. But whether you're counting carbs or just looking for a healthier alternative to traditional sandwich bread, Tumaro's Low-In Carb Wraps are sure to please your entire family.

Product Benefits:

Low in Carb - High in Taste! Only 4g Net Carbs Per Wrap

Excellent Source of Fiber - 6g Total Fat Per Serving

60% Less Calories Than Most Breads & Wraps

30% Less Net Carbs Than Most Breads & Wraps

Certified Diabetes Center, Kosher OUD

A Perfect Fit For Your Lifestyle! Great For Weight Loss Programs. We've combined the award winning great taste of Tumaro's Low-in-Carb, Low-Calorie tortillas with our Gourmet Lite line to bring you a wrap that tastes great and helps keep you on track. These wraps are low in fat and an excellent source of fiber with only 100 calories per wrap. And at 4 net carbs and 26 grams of carbohydrates, they're also a good source of whole grains. So put away that knife and fork and enjoy a wrap today! With Tumaro's Multigrain Gourmet Wraps, there's no need to sacrifice taste when you're watching your waistline. Made from the highest quality ingredients and bursting with flavor, our wraps are perfect for any diet or lifestyle.

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