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swiss miss reduced calorie nutrition

26 January 2022

A Swiss calorie cocoa mix is basically 8g carbs, g fats, 4g calories, 5g protein, and many more nutritional benefits just in one packet. For those already on the keto diet, Swiss miss hot Coco is not compatible with any form of the keto diet and is likely to impact ketosis. It would be wise to avoid this coco entirely if you are already on a keto or low-carb diet. The only option and exception is the new Swiss miss reduced-calorie hot mix with 4g carbs for every serving, which is a significant addition of some carbs and won't do you any harm.

Nutrition Facts

Each envelope contains 11 grams, and it can supply up to 40 grams of calories in every serving making it one of the best calorie sources. The product is free of; fats, trans fats, cholesterol, and saturated fats. The envelope is rich in dietary fiber with 1.0g, sugar at 3.00g, Protein at 3.00g, vitamin D 0.03mcg, calcium 80mg, carbs 160g, sodium ions 6.00g, iron 0.5g, and potassium at 250mg.

The percentage DV or daily value tells you how much this packet has for every serving. It all aims to achieve your 2000 calories intake, which is considered healthy. You can also find more nice products from Swiss Miss, including Café blends Macchiato and Chocolatier series chocolate, all designed to offer your body the required nutrients for normal function. Before buying, be sure to read all the ingredients and the compatibility of the calories to your meal plan.

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