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patriot power greens

6 February 2022

What is Patriot Power Greens?

Patriot Power Greens is a superfood drink that claims to be produced for only elite military personnel to revitalize their youthful energy and strength in times of pain and distress. The company behind the drink has described it as a Dynamite cocktail, which has been created to fight inflammation and boost your energy levels. It has been formulated with 38 fruits and vegetables, 10 probiotic strains, seven digestive enzymes and 12 sea vegetables. This green drink is also said to help with anxiety, fatigue, joint pain, indigestion and excess weight.

According to the official website, Patriot Power Greens is an all-natural, healthy and powerful drink that will help people feel years younger. Dr. Lane Sebring, MD, explains that he created this product for his patients who were suffering from fatigue and joint pain.

As mentioned above, Patriot Power Greens is a green superfood supplement containing more than 20 fruits and vegetables, as well as probiotics, enzymes and antioxidants. Its key ingredients include spirulina, barley grass juice powder, wheat grass powder, chlorella, goji berry extract, acai fruit extract, beetroot juice powder and kale.

The formula also includes 10 strains of probiotic bacteria including Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum to improve digestion and boost immunity. In addition to these ingredients, Patriot Power Greens also contains seven digestive enzymes: amylase; protease; lipase; cellulase; bromelain; papain and serrapeptase.

It is intended for busy people who want to enjoy the benefits of superfoods without spending hours preparing them every day. The Patriot Power Greens blend comes in powder form to make it easier for you to mix with water or your favorite juice.

Patriot Power Greens Features:

Patriot Power Greens is a green drink, which is meant to provide the body with unparalleled nutrition at an affordable price. It is made of some powerful ingredients that have been proven to be vital for the health and vitality of human beings. These ingredients include:

Spirulina: This is a superfood that contains rich amounts of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and enzymes. It has been proven to be effective in improving the energy levels in the body as well as fighting inflammation.

Wheatgrass juice powder: This is another natural ingredient that has been proven to be effective in enhancing the body's energy levels, without causing any side effects. It works by improving your digestion and also helps in boosting your immunity system.

Barley grass juice powder: This is a rich source of minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium as well as vitamins including B1 and B6. Barley grass juice powder helps in fighting inflammation and also helps in reducing cholesterol levels naturally.

Alfalfa juice powder: This ingredient works by aiding in digestion while at the same time lowering bad cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of heart disease. It also plays a critical role in fighting inflammation, which prevents premature aging.

What are the side effects of Patriot Power Greens

The side effects of patriot power greens are minimal. However, some users may experience minor side effects such as bloating and gas. This is because the body is not used to taking in the large amount of dietary fibers found in the patriot power greens super food supplement.

The side effects of patriot power greens are usually short lived as the body gets used to digesting the high amount of dietary fibers in the super food supplement.

The most commonly reported side effects of patriot power greens include:

Digestive issues

Nausea or vomiting


Stomach cramping

Gas or bloating

These symptoms are rare and temporary, but it is still important to be aware of them. If you experience any of these symptoms while taking Patriot Power Greens, stop taking it immediately and consult your doctor.

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