mission 25 calorie tortilla

28 January 2022

Many people love tortillas but are concerned about the number of calories and lack of nutrients contained in many of the brands sold on the market today. This should not be a concern when you go with Mission's 25 calorie tortilla. These are made from yellow corn are certified to be free of any Gluten whatsoever. You will also love the fact that these tortillas taste great without having any trans fat at all. In addition, each tortilla you eat will provide you with a great source of fiber that will help you get to your recommended daily intake. The great part of the Mission 25 Calorie Tortilla is that you will be consuming far fewer calories than you normally would, all without sacrificing any of the great taste that you would expect from a good tortilla.

You can use these 25 calorie tortillas in a variety of ways. They provide a staple for many Mexican dishes, while they can also accompany a meal as a side dish. The choice is up to you. You can easily heat them up in a skillet and get them ready to serve hot to the family. You only need to fry them for about 10 seconds per side. Remember to keep the pack of uneaten Mission 25 Calorie Tortillas in the refrigerator until ready to consume. This will help keep them fresh and ready for your next meal. These tortillas are made of corn masa flour and less than 2% of its contents are comprised of artificial ingredients.

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