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keto boricua

13 February 2022

Keto Boricua and its eating plan were conceptualized by couple Alex Cruz and Dr. Mayra Beauchamp, MD, both from Puerto Rico. Alex studied Marketing and Advertising at the University of Puerto Rico. He has worked in the restaurant industry for over 10 years. He subsequently became very successful with his Open Food Puerto Rico food blog where he reviewed the island's food industry. On her part, Mayra also studied at the University of Puerto Rico, where she obtained her degree in Medicine and specialized in Dermatology. Mayra and Alex moved to the United States after getting married and have raised their girls Maia and Catalina there. 

For many years, Alex had been dealing with chronic pain after back surgery and was even getting close to the possibility of needing a second surgery to try to correct the cause of his pain. For this reason, I have decided to join Mayra in her efforts to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way and at the same time to recover and gain health. They used the ketogenic diet to achieve their goals and their results were so impressive that they decided to share their experiences incorporating their knowledge of the culinary world and Medicine to help others live healthier on Keto Boricua.

The best intentions are nothing without a plan. So many people have written to us, motivated by what they've learned about healthy ketogenic (or keto) nutrition. What they lacked was a plan that could lead them step by step to success. Most weren't even sure where to start. Our solution was to create the plan that so many needed. 

The Keto Boricua interactive plan includes:

- A 28-day (4-week) feeding schedule

- Basic guides to help with keto issues

- Dozens of recipes (includes all of the plan)

- Additional recipes (a bonus for your success)


Any change to your diet can cause a change in your appetite, for better or worse. The good news is that the keto diet promotes metabolic and hormonal changes that regulate appetite. And because it is a diet high in fats (which are digested more slowly), many experience a lack of appetite with keto nutrition.


Fasting is simply a tool to promote the very changes you seek with the keto diet, and it's a perfect complement to a nutritional ketogenic diet. And yes, it is safe. Fasting is the most natural way to lower the level of insulin in your blood so that your body burns stored fat. Fasting also gives your body the room to metabolize the food you eat, decreases inflammation, has the power to prevent or reverse type 2 diabetes and all its complications, increases energy and mental focus, lowers cancer risk, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, slows down aging and promotes the self-healing process called autophagy.


There are two reasons why the keto diet doesn't have to be expensive. First, with a lower appetite (see previous question), less food is consumed. And second, there are no snacks on our plan so while the ingredients may be more expensive at times, our keto plan doesn't have to be.