huel keto

25 March 2022

Huel Keto is a nutritionally complete powdered food made with premium ingredients, including MCTs from 100% coconut oil and exogenous ketones for extra energy.

Developed by nutritionists, Huel Keto is high in fat (80%), low in carbohydrate (10%) and moderate in protein (10%) to help you enter a state of ketosis. We know that diet is one of the biggest factors in getting you to a healthy weight and staying there. That's why we're happy to introduce Huel Keto, our newest product.

Huel Keto perfectly complements your ketogenic diet by providing an easy and convenient source of high-quality nutrition in line with the macronutrient ratios you need to stay in ketosis: high fat, low carb and moderate protein.

With just 4g net carbs per serving, you can supplement your diet while staying firmly in ketosis. Huel Keto is a nutritionally complete powdered food, containing all 26 essential vitamins and minerals, protein, essential fatty acids, carbs, fiber and phytonutrients.

Huel Keto is low carb (just 2.7g net carbs per 100kcal), high protein (27g) and moderate in fat (52g) so it's perfect for anyone following a ketogenic diet. With just 1.8g of sugar per 100kcal and only 1.9g of saturated fat per 100kcal, Huel Keto is also suitable for those looking to reduce their sugar intake or reduce their saturated fat intake.

Huel Keto contains 37% protein from a combination of pea protein isolate, flaxseed powder, coconut MCTs and sunflower lecithin powder. Huel Keto has a macronutrient profile that makes it ideal for a ketogenic diet as it provides an optimal balance of nutrients to promote the state of ketosis.

Huel Keto Benefits:

More Energy, Better Focus and Minimal Cravings

Ketosis is the metabolic state in which your body burns fat for fuel instead of carbs. When you're in ketosis, you naturally experience increased, sustained energy levels and cognitive function. You also don't feel the need to eat as much, which helps curb cravings and leads to weight loss. This is all possible because ketones are a more efficient fuel source than glucose.

Keto-Friendly Fuel

Huel Keto has been developed to help you achieve and maintain ketosis. It contains less than 1g of net carbs and close to 78% of its calories from fat (from MCTs). The high fat content makes it perfect for the ketogenic diet.

What is keto Huel?

Huel is high-quality, nutritionally complete, affordable food. We create nutritionally complete powder meals that contain the perfect balance of protein (30%), essential fats (33%) and carbs (37%) to provide a wholesome, balanced meal in seconds. All you need to do is add water and shake or blend. You can also personalise your Huel and create your own unique combination.

Keto Huel is our ketogenic version of Huel Powder. It has less than 5% carbs, which puts it firmly in the range for ketosis. It has a similar macronutrient profile to Keto Powder but with more protein 30% instead of 25%. Find out more about the differences here.

Our Keto Huel meets all the requirements for a keto diet, which are:

high fat (70% or more)

moderate protein (15 25%)

low carb (<5%).

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