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fit and active low carb tortillas

15 April 2022

What is Fit & Active Low Carb Tortillas?

Fit & Active Low Carb Tortillas are an excellent choice for anyone looking to make simple, healthy changes to their diet. These low carb tortillas contain 80 calories per serving and a net carb count of only 5g per serving. They are a good source of calcium and have no trans fat.

Fit & Active Low Carb Tortillas are a great alternative if you are watching your carbs. These tortillas are made with whole wheat flour and contain 6g of protein per serving. They are perfect for fajitas, quesadillas and even tacos.

Fit & Active Low Carb Tortillas have just the right amount of fluff to make them the perfect substitute for your regular tortilla. You will not have to worry about these tortillas breaking apart when you eat them. They hold up well to meat and cheese, and they also do not get soggy when you use them in a quesadilla or burrito. We prefer using these low carb tortillas over regular ones in our house because it makes us feel like we are indulging, without all the extra carbs.

What is the carb count in Fit & Active Low Carb Tortillas?

Each serving of Fit & Active Low Carb Tortillas has only 5g net carbs. The total carb count is 13g per serving with 8g being fiber which contributes no net carbs to the total carb count.

Low carb tortilla is a good addition to anyone's diet, but what exactly is it?

Fit & Active Low Carb Tortilla is a brand of tortillas that are made with whole wheat flour. It contains only two grams of net carbs per serving. The tortillas taste really good. They are soft and very easy to fold up and eat as a wrap. It tastes great with meat, veggies, and cheese. You can also use it to make quesadillas.

The ingredients in the tortillas include whole wheat flour, water, salt, and vegetable oil. There are no artificial flavors or preservatives added to the tortillas. The calories in each serving are only 110 calories.

It comes in an 8-count package with 5 servings per package. This makes them easy to bring with you for lunch or dinner when you go out on the town!

Benefits of Low Carb Tortillas

Low carb tortilla wraps are a versatile, healthy alternative to the traditional flour-based options. It's true that many low carb tortillas have a bit more fat and calories than their counterparts, but the calorie count is still much lower when compared to other heavier dishes like lasagna or full-fat pasta. They're also an easy way to satisfy your Mexican food cravings while staying on track with your health goals.

The carbs in low carb tortillas can be divided into two categories: digestible and undigestible. The digestible carbohydrates are those that will be converted into energy by the body, while the undigestible ones won't be broken down during digestion and will pass through without being absorbed.

It's important to keep in mind that tortillas are not always gluten-free; you'll need to check the label if you're looking for a gluten-free option.